Are you looking for a new career? Don’t settle for just any company. Make sure you are working for a company that values you and respects you. Whether you’re looking for a job in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, office and admin, warehouse, or something else, there are many reasons why you should choose to work for Hero Home Services.

1. Transparency

We believe in being honest and transparent, always. Every voice can and will be heard at our company. We share the “why” and the behind the scenes in everything we do so you’re not ever left in the dark. Not only that, but we will always recognize each and every employee’s hard work, dedication, progress, and achievement. Feel more seen and heard when you work for Hero Home Services.

2. Culture of Caring

We take a personal and genuine interest in everyone, and we sacrifice for one another – like a family does! We also invest in you and your families. That’s why we offer flexibility with hours, paid time off, holidays, and more. That’s also why we offer Peak Health at our company, where cryotherapy, in-house chiropractic care, massage therapy, in-house trainers, a steam sauna, a cold tub, and more are offered. You take care of our customers… we take care of you.

3. Operational Excellence

We provide materials, tools, equipment, and processes to help you succeed. Your success is our success. We want you to always succeed in everything you do. That’s exactly why we offer on-site training, a company van and truck with all the equipment you will need, and a fully-stocked warehouse.

4. Great Benefits

We offer a variety of benefits that a lot of companies in our industry don’t. Some of our benefits include free life insurance, paid time off starting at 2 weeks per year, annually expanding PTO, 6 paid holidays a year, 3% 401k employee contribution, free dental, vision and medical benefits, and more. Hero Home Services is truly a company that cares about YOU.

5. Work-Life Balance

We understand that in an industry like this, work-life balance is hard to come by. When you join Hero Home Services, however, that is not the case. We are committed to providing you a work-life balance because you, and your family, deserve so much more. Don’t worry about having to work 30 hours one week and 60 the next. Always know you can attend your kids’ soccer games and dance recitals. Be home for dinner and to kiss your kids goodnight. Enjoy a work-life balance at Hero Home Services!

6. Better Lifestyle

We know that jobs can sometimes be draining and mentally exhausting. However, we have focused greatly on building a company that our employees don’t feel they need a vacation from. You shouldn’t dread going to work every morning. Your health insurance shouldn’t eat into your paycheck. At Hero Home Services, you’ll work alongside people who make you laugh, want to see you succeed – and help you succeed, and impress you.

Are You Interested In Working For Hero Home Services? Apply Today! 

Hero Home Services is hiring for a variety of positions in plumbingdrain cleaningduct cleaningelectricalHVAC and office/warehouse. To view all available positions, click here. We look forward to hearing from you!