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Working Environment: Why It’s So Important For The Home Service Industry

There’s nothing like dreading going to work. We’ve all been there at some point. But the saying rings true: get a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life! A positive working environment is so important – especially in the home service industry. Whether you’re a plumber, HVAC technician, installer, electrician, or something else, you deserve to love going to work every day. Here are the reasons it’s so important for this industry.

1. Your Family Deserves More

If you work in the home service industry, then you know that it is a labor intensive field to be in. You wake up early, get home late, and you’re tired at the end of a long day. Most of the people in this field mention the one thing they lack is quality family time. Being apart of a working environment that values family over everything else is so important. Here at Hero Home Services, we believe your family deserves more. That’s why we make your work hours shorter, so you can be home on time to enjoy dinner with the family or attend your daughter’s dance recital. That’s why we offer generous paid time off and great health benefits.

2. Your Health And Wellness Is A Priority

Working at a job that doesn’t value you or care about your well-being can be tough and draining! Whether your mental health or your physical health, you need to be part of a working environment that makes you feel good – both inside and out. At Hero Home Services, we believe in taking care of our employees. That’s why we built Peak Health – offering world class services like cryotherapy, in-house chiropractic care, massage therapy, in-house trainers, a steam sauna, a cold tub, and more. You deserve to take care of your body, because you use your body to generate income for your family in this industry.

3. You Deserve More

Your families deserve more – but so do you. You deserve to enjoy going to work every day and being proud of what you do. There’s nothing like working for a company that makes you feel proud and accomplished day in and day out. At Hero Home Services, a great working environment is what we strive for. That’s why we offer a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • 3% 401k employer contribution
  • Free life insurance
  • Paid time off starting at 2 weeks a year
  • H.S.A. and F.S.A. plans available
  • 6 paid holidays a year
  • Annually expanding PTO
  • On-site training
  • Employee discounts on services
  • Free dental and vision benefits for employees
  • Free medical benefits for employees and family
  • A final dispatch time of 4pm for technicians
  • And more!